1st Australian Space Cyber Forum

Tuesday , 10th October 2023

Adelaide Convention Centre

New economies increasingly rely on secure space services, and cyber security represents a new challenge for governments and industries to deliver critical infrastructure services to the nation.

The Australian Space Cyber Forum will provide an excellent opportunity for Australian stakeholders to meet and network with key national and international space cyber experts. Participation in this forum is targeted at researchers, entrepreneurs, academics, private consultants, public employers, and others with an interest in the space and cyber sectors. The first national edition of the Space Cyber Forum will contain a welcome introduction followed by international speakers and three specific panels. Each panel will include a discussion on approaches to solving real world issues to help organisations understand what the risks are and how to start to mitigate them, now and into the future.

Panel 1 ‘Space Cyber – The increasing use of cyber-attacks in the space domain’

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Daniel Floreani, CyberOps Defence.


Many of the technologies we take for granted in the modern world are increasingly critically reliant on space-enabled mobility, positioning and timing services for their operation and security. However, the risks to the use of space are escalating as it becomes increasingly composed of commercial equipment and services that open it up to the same threats we increasingly face on the ground. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has clearly demonstrated the need to consider the cyber security aspects of current and future space services in the next decade. The inclusion of Space into the Australian critical infrastructure landscape also brings responsibilities for more complex and frequent technical cyber assessments of space systems before, during and after launch.

Panel 2 ‘Cyberspace and Outer Space: between regulation and militarisation’

Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Rodrigo Praino, Jeff Bleich Centre, Flinders University.


Cyberspace and outerspace are interdependent. As awareness of potential cyber threats to both public and private space assets become more widespread, space powers have started to incorporate these issues in national policies. This panel explores these issues in an Australian context, taking into account how cyber threats to space assets have been treated and regulated in recent years.

Panel 3 ‘Quantum in Space and its Security Impacts’

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Giuseppina Dall’Armi, Research Leader Electronic Warfare Operations Defence Science and Technology Group.


Quantum technologies will play an important role in the routine activities of life and have already shown vast impact in our economies (communication, computation, sensor, network etc). While quantum computing is making headlines, quantum sensing and quantum communication could reach the market earlier and potentially transform multiple industries concurrently. Quantum communication networks and cybersecurity technologies have potential application in diverse industries including telecommunications, finance, health, government, defence, infrastructure and space. All these sectors have a pivotal role in modern Australia and our everyday lives.

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