Founded by Nicola Sasanelli AM in 2022, ‘Agora High Tech’ is an Australian company, working with clients from a wide range of industries, including aerospace and defence, IoT, quantum, cyber security, AI and engineering. Drawing on expertise from across the critical technologies, Agora High Tech can respond to the latest advances in the technology revolution. The experience maturated by the team in the last decade is oriented in:


Growing the high tech and critical ecosystem

Promoting R&D cooperation among academia, research organisations, industries, and start-ups
Providing policy advice to government and not for profit sectors
Promoting STEM uptake to support the high tech workforce of the future


In the knowledge economy, innovation is the cornerstone of competitiveness, but the process can be challenging. One of the most rewarding aspects of innovation is gathering experts, different people and diverse organisations to collaborate and work together encouraging the exchange of information and promoting commercial applications of new research and technologies.


‘Agora High Tech’ is focused on enhancing a ‘working together’ approach which aims to build partnerships and relationships based on openness and trust.


‘Agora High Tech’ works with clients to help them transform the ways we use technology and to communicate this in a meaningful way to achieve outcomes. The company provides services to maximise the use of new technological opportunities and to ensure the future local and global growth of organisations. ‘Agora High Tech’ is a private consultancy company providing a wide range of services, including: 

• Business Development
• Technology Innovation
• Strategy and Planning
• Supply Chain Management and Sustainability
• Networking with Business to Business Engagement
• Marketing and Communication


‘Agora High Tech’ believes high tech can positively impact the way business is done, from strategy through to delivery, acknowledging that new technology doesn’t just give you a competitive advantage, it can provide opportunities to increase success, improve productivity and efficiency positioning organisations to be a natural leader.