The Australian Space Cyber Forum

Proudly brought to you by Agora High-Tech, CyberOps and Flinders University

New economies rely increasingly on space-dependent services and cybersecurity and space activities represent a new challenge for Governments, industries and critical infrastructures. Our reliance on space, and especially satellites, for communications, security, intelligence, and commerce has exponentially grown with digital transformation. Unfortunately, so have the risks, as a result, the need to prioritize cybersecurity around space assets is urgent.

There is growing recognition of the potential space presents for addressing economic, societal and planetary challenges. This recognition is creating excitement about the potential growth of the new space economy. To compete in this new market, governments from all over the world are investing heavily in domestic space industries and space programs. The potential value is too great not to invest.

The Australian Cyber Space Forum has characterised by the following three Space Cyber topics:

  • Technical Best Practices and Challenges;
  • Policy and Legal Challenges;
  • Future Technologies and their impact on Space and Cyber.

In parallel to the symposium, we will welcome private and public exhibitors to showcase their products/services in the exhibition area.

The Australian Space Cyber Forum provides an excellent opportunity for our stakeholders to meet and network with key national and international-Space Cyber experts. Participation in this Forum is targeted at researchers, entrepreneurs, academics, teachers, private consultants, public employers, and others with an interest in the space cyber sector.


Tuesday 24th June 2025

Tue 25 June & Wed 26 June 2024

Tuesday 10 October 2023