Agora’s Voice

Agora’s Voice is a collection of technology articles and short reports written by Agora or Friends of Agora that present opinions aligned with our background, mission, goal and philosophy. The intent of these articles is to open a public discussion aiming at increasing the awareness of the importance of science and technology in our daily life and stimulate the community to consider innovative ways, products and services, through a holistic innovation approach. Furthermore, we would like to encourage a mindset that looks beyond individual products or services to address larger societal challenges. We intend to advocate for community involvement in the innovation process and discuss ways to foster collaboration, such as community workshops, innovation challenges and partnerships with local organizations.

  • A process that begins by investing in a new idea, creating synergy between technological suppliers, research institutes and the real needs of the market, designing, producing and supplying innovative products and services.
  • Comments and considerations that aim at a broad discussion on the innovative value of a specific topic that has political implications.
  • New products and services that imply radical social, cultural and economic change and encourage an open dialogue, questions, and suggestions from the community to make the discussion interactive and engaging is a priority for Agora’ High Tech
  • Discussing the importance of science and technology in our daily lives and promoting innovation is crucial for the progress of society.

Agora High Tech believes that with Agora’s Voice we will contribute to a broad and multidimensional discussions that can help uncover various perspectives and considerations related to the innovative value of a topic with political implications, encouraging a thoughtful exploration of its impact on society at large.


“A dynamic and synergistic environment where STEM knowledge flourishes” Developing a powerful STEM educated society through life-long interactive experiential learning.

Green steel in Australia to contribute to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 globally.

High-Speed Rail from Adelaide to Melbourne to improve viability in South-Eastern Australia.